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BMW EScooter

Its the season of EV these days and now BMW is scheduled to introduce an electric Maxi-scooter for the Indian market soon. It is possible that it would be the BMW CE 04, the company’s only electric Maxi-Scooter currently available for purchase worldwide. 

The world giant is eager to introduce an electric scooter in countries like China and India. Nevertheless, it will take some time before it reaches the Indian market. However, when it does, it won’t be cheap. The present CE 04 has an ex-showroom price of Rs 14 lakh, and once it is released in India, we anticipate the scooter to be priced slightly higher.


The CE 04 is powered by an 8.9 kWh battery producing a minimum of 20 bhp and a max output of 41.4 bhp and peak torque of 62Nm of Torque which covers 0-100 under 10 seconds and max speed of 120 kmph. In accordance with the World Motorcycle Test (WMTC) program, the scooter has a 130 km range.


Electrification is undoubtedly the way of the future, but we must consider when it will occur. We currently offer the CE 04 electric scooter and are thinking about expanding into China and India. It is too soon to say if and when we will choose to decide to produce it outside of Germany, but it will initially be a full import. According to Markus Mueler Zambre, who spoke with another outlet.

As part of our goal, we intend to provide India our whole catalog of international goods, including CE 04, without a doubt. However, we haven’t made a final decision yet, therefore we are unable to provide a timeframe at this moment, according to Vikram Pawah, President of BMW Group India.

The market realities for EVs for cars and two-wheelers are different, so he continued, “We still need to study the market a little more, but as our current maxi scooter (the C 400 GT, priced at Rs. 9.95 lakh) indicates, there may be a strong latent demand for a product that on paper may not make too much sense.”


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