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Helicopter Services in Ladakh

Helicopter Services in Ladakh

Every travel enthusiast has Ladakh on their bucket list. The breathtaking valley vegetation and the snow-capped mountains are simply impossible to resist. It truly is incredibly magical. The trip to Ladakh and the commute there are two challenging aspects of it.

To be quite honest, it’s not the easiest. There is a significant amount of pre-planning and pre-booking involved. Many locations in the areas remain undiscovered by travellers due to the lack of access to well-built highways.

Authorities in Ladakh have recently introduced helicopter facilities in an effort to make transit for visitors easier. Today, one may fly through Ladakh and avoid the rough roads (nonetheless, road journeys are fun too).

Details you should know:

  1. At the moment, Kargil, Leh, Zanskar, Nyerak, Drass, Lingshed, and Padum may all use helicopter services.
  2. The Mi-172 and B-3 helicopter services are also in operation (five-seater)
  3. The availability of tickets will depend on the weather, the number of passengers, and any operational restrictions.
  4. Both tourists and additional locals will have access to the service.


Travel necessities for choppers:

  1. A valid photo ID must be carried by every traveller.
  2. Following the generation of the PNR, the names of the passengers cannot be changed.
  3. To guarantee a secure flight, there will also be some weight restrictions.
  4. To make a reservation for the helicopter service, visit the official website
  5. Tickets are entirely refundable in the event of cancellations or date changes, again subject to the availability of helicopter services.

This new project will facilitate travel to select areas and increase tourism in Ladakh. Additionally, it will contribute to expanding citizens’ access to employment prospects in the area.

Despite all of these innovative and fascinating programmes, the Ladakh administration places a special focus on the need for visitors to acclimate to high altitudes for at least 48 hours before travelling there.

The overall cost of a 1-way drop is around 6000-8000.

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