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Zanskar hai bahut bhari…zanskar hai aafat bhari…Zansakar hai mohabat hamari…..


These lines are not just statements but basically a summary of how and what we felt on our this much-awaited trip. It’s a road less traveled by people but it’s worth going. Lets me introduce you to Zanskar.


Geographically if I may tell then Zanskar is a tehsil in the Kargil district which lies in the Union Territory of Ladakh. The Zanskar range divides the Ladakh belt in 2 parts. Just like Leh is the most important city In the Ladakh belt in Zanskar Padum is the biggest city and most important one too.

Zanskar lies 230 Km south of Kargil.Buddhism became popular in this area from approx. 8th Century.

  • Location and climate:
    • Zanskar Valley is a semi-dry valley situated in the lap of the northern slope of the Great Himalayas, sitting pleasantly at a height of 13154 ft. Zanskar’s pure water basins, surrounding snow-capped mountains, and gorgeous scenery serve as important tourist draws. This location, around 105 kilometers from Leh, is a hub for adventure sports such as river rafting, trekking, and paragliding, among others. This area is also dotted with centuries-old monasteries, making it a popular destination for monastery devotees. Temperatures in Zanskar can drop to -30 degrees Celsius during the winter, therefore visitors should visit between June and September, while the valley is still thickly covered in snow.
    • From Manali, it’s almost 180Km away and from Kargil it’s around 230 km away.

Climate in Zanskar




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