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Bookings Cancelled due to outburst in Manali region

Booking Cancelled due to outburst in Manali region

Being a hotelier is not easy. The last 2 years have been like a rollercoaster for all of them. At times it’s covid and these times it’s bad weather. Hotel owners in Manali are concerned after a significant number of reservations were cancelled as word of a cloudburst in Kullu on July 6 circulated quickly. The hotel owners claimed that they made an effort to convince their clients that Manali was completely safe and that the cloudburst occurred in a separate region. Tourists, however, cancelled their reservations because Kullu was mentioned frequently in the tragedy in the Choj village of the Parbati valley.

From a tourist point of view, no one would like to travel to a place where they can see danger and being mountains as a tourist we try to avoid them in the rainy season. Chances of Landslides and now for last few years news of cloudburst is very often.

According to  Manali Hoteliers Association (MHA), tourists typically avoid visiting mountainous areas during the rainy season. He claimed that the term “cloudburst” frightened tourists, particularly following the Uttarakhand cloudburst incident. Cloudbursts were a common occurrence in hilly areas, but they rarely caused large-scale catastrophes. As per them, it was safe for travellers to travel to Kullu and Manali because there had not been a significant calamity brought on by a cloudburst in a long time.

Such calamities, according to the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of Himachal Pradesh (FOHRA), have a negative effect on visitor traffic. He claimed that when it rains heavily, people avoid going to hilly places since the road can become congested following landslides. He said that the recent cloudburst in the Parbati valley had caused roughly 10% of the advance reservations to be cancelled.

As per many travel agents and federation region’s infrastructure was sufficient to withstand natural calamities and travellers could visit Manali without having to worry. He issued a warning, advising travellers to stay away from water areas during the rainy season.

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