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Lovely Omelette Centre-Mussoorie

Mussorie’s most famous place: Lovely Omellete Centre

For the owners of this most happening place, it’s like following a  family tradition. We like providing friendly service to our clients.

Mussoorie’s most well-known landmarks include the Savoy, Woodstock School, Gun Hill, Kempty Falls, and Picture Palace. The Lovely Omelette Centre is a Mussoorie institution based on the excellence of its omelette.

The Ansari family has been selling eggs from the location since 1918, and Shahid Ansari is the fifth generation to carry up the tradition. The Ansari family added an almost organic element to their shop in 1975. They began producing and marketing omelettes.

The several boarding schools in Mussoorie and Dehradun quickly adopted this new addition as one of their favourites. The popularity of Lovely Omelette Centre among the students rapidly spread to the tourists and some residents. This small business has developed a devoted following over the years, to the point where nearly no one leaves Mussoorie without trying their omelette.

On Mussoorie Mall Road, there is a place called Lovely Omelette Centre. The road has a high elevation from the Picture Palace side as soon as one starts going. After climbing half of this elevation, you will find a small store on your right with the sign Lovely Omelette Centre in red. You might witness a group of eager visitors waiting outside the restaurant for their omelette. The restaurant mainly serves three types of omelettes: cheese, butter, and oil (rupees 90). They also prepare chocolate omelettes upon request. At first sight, I thought someone was selling something for free till the time I figured out what it was. It’s a cult in Mussorie.

The recipe is not too complicated. Onion, green and red chillies, salt, and species are mainly used in their recipes. Turmeric powder, which they use as a secret ingredient to mask the scent of the egg, is used. The cheese omelette is their most well-liked dish. Two slices of white bread and two slices of cheese are sandwiched between the eggs and the bread as the omelette cooks. After cooking, the maker chops it into tiny squares and serves it with tomato sauce.

You take a fork and pick up a square of white bread wrapped around my omelette, dipping it in the sauce, and then putting it in your mouth. Warm, buttery, cheesy snack with a moderate flavour and a smooth texture. It appears to be ideal in every way. Mussoorie’s lovely surroundings enhance the taste. At the very least, I hold to that. Overall, it is a delightful extravagance. It is even tastier because you typically have to wait 30 minutes before receiving your omelette platter.

The additional gimmicks the Ansaris employ give their omelettes such a following. One is that the student community, which is made up of boarders, receives preference over everyone else when it comes to serving omelettes on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Children who are short on funds receive a discount or perhaps a free treat. By offering his phone, the shop owner also makes it possible for pupils who miss their parents to call back home. The store owner engages in a polished discourse about the location’s history with the remaining customers. 

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