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So thanks to all these movies…one name which everyone has heard in hill station is Manali….its true its  a very popular hill station in North India and thousands of tourist comes every year to this hill station…Manali derives its name from Manavalaya, which means Manu ‘s residence or “Home of Manu,” and here the temples are regarded as pilgrimages.

Manali is also popular for skiing, climbing, mountaineering, para gliding, rafting, trekking, kayaking and mountain biking. If you love nature and mountains this place will not disappoint you .

  • Location and climate

This all basically means kabhi bhi jao ya aao…thand achi hai vaha…..I went there for there first time in Jan few years back and it was around -10 degree in night and we were like shivering in cold.

  • How to reach

As a hill station and that too most important hill station in Himachal is is well connected with most the near by big cities like Delhi Kullu, Shimla, Dehradun by road

By Air:

Manali has no railway station in there. The nearest railway station, which connects Manali to nearby cities, is Joginder nagar about 50 kms away. The nearest junction is at Chandigarh about 310 kms away and Ambala about 310 kms away, from where you can get trains to reach Manali from any part of India.

By Road:

Now comes the most important route is by road ..This is what Manali is famous for….In case you don’t want so much of hustle bustle  we have direct buses droom Delhi and Chandigarh daily…They would charge around 800-1000 but with overnight journey this is also a best way to do so.

I personally would suggest us either drive a car or take a bike on rent and enjoy this trip and this place…It takes around 16 hours from Delhi to reach Manali on Bike so if u want experience and ready for some real adventure…this can be way…

Road to Manali:


Honestly there is no time as better time to visit Manali….jab man ho….chale jayooo…

When there is heat wave in North India it’s a good time to go with family ..when there are cold and extreme weather it’s a good time to go and feel same…We as a people of North India always have a liking for mountains…
As far as road is concerned you will have a good time Bhuntar,,,after that also roads are good but than those narrow roads start where we have to be extra cautious while driving…Other wise to reach Manali road is never a problem…

Distance Chart:


  • Where to stay


  • What to eat: Manali is a hub for foodies….small café …big cafes….restaurant…bakery and confectioneries ….they have it all…I am mentioning some of the most popular places in Manali where as a foodie you should visit:
    • Johnsons’ café:
      • Cost for 2 around 1500
      • Full bar options is there
      • Live Music
      • Good to get a reservation in advance
      • Most popular for :Trout fish…they have almost 8-10 types of dishes
    • Café 1947
      • Cost for 2 around 1500 without alcohol
      • Known for Pizza, Hot Chocolate, Burgers, Pasta, Bruschettas, Coffee, Tiramisu
      • LIVE music
      • Hookah is super there
    • People’s Café
      • Cost for 2 around 600 without alcohol
      • Owner is retired army person
      • 22 year old café
    • The Corner House
      • Cost for 2 around 1200 without alcohol
      • Best food: Fires and Pizza
      • Located at mall road
    • Chopsticks:
      • Cost for 2 around 1000 without alcohol
      • Don’t Miss: Momos, Noodle, Chicken Momo, Chilli Chicken, Fish, Spring Roll, Dumplings
      • Service is pretty fast
    • Casa Bella Vista
      • Cost for 2 around 700 without alcohol
      • Must eat:thin crust pizza and shake
      • Beautiful garden style sitting arrangement
    • Drifter’s Café
      • Must try Pasta, Rajma Chawal, Waffles, Hot Chocolate, Pizza, Iced Tea
      • Cost for 2 around 500 without alcohol
      • Live music
      • They have a small library from where you can take a book and relax
    • The lazy dog:
      • Cost for 2 :around 800
      • Do try : Cocktails, White Sauce Pasta, Chicken Salad, Prawn Sushi, Pad Thai Noodle, Mixed Sauce Pasta, Fish
      • They have indoor as well as outdoor seating
    • IL Forno:
      • Cost for 2 around 1000
      • Do try there Bruschettas, Tiramisu, Coffee, Pasta, Margherita Pizza
    • What to buy In Manali:
      • Apart from being a great destination …a super fantastic place for foodies ..a city to explore yourself …this city also has lot to offer if you want to buy and do some shopping here:
      • Places to Buy : Mall Raod
      • Articles to buy from Manali:
        • Tibetan and Himalayan Handicrafts
        • Woolen clothes
        • Kinnauri & Kullu Shawls, Kullu caps:
        • Thangkas and dorjes
        • Prayer Wheels
        • Kesar
      • Activities

There are lots of places which can be explored in and around Manali.I have added top places to be there:

  1. Waterfalls:

Mountains are always associated with waterfall…for me a mountain is incomplete if we don’t get a waterfall/river there…1 thing is compulsory. With water coming on your face with cool breeze around specially in summers….wow…that’s a different feeling. So there are 3 waterfalls in and around Manali Jogini falls,Rahala falls.Jogini is around 4 km from Manali and Rahala falls is around 28 km …both are very different and they are in peak in summers and rainy season.

  1. Temples In Manali:

Hidimba Devi Temple, locally known as the Dhungari Temple, also known as the Hadimba Temple is dedicated to Wife of Bheem Hidimba.

  1. Adventure Sports:

90% of people coming to Manali are here for adventure sports. They get to do many things which is not there is their town. Over all look and feel is totally different. You have different options to choose from :

  1. River rafting
  2. Paragliding

  • Skiing

  1. Hiking
  2. Mountain biking
  3. Mountaineering

  • Zorbing

All of this depends on season. Some of them are most popular in summers and others are basically winter sports…but Manali has a lot to offer you for every season

  1. Museum:

This is only if you have a taste of history and eager to know what we have done in past. Museum of Himachal Culture & Folk art shows history of Manali and about its rich heritage. It mostly open from 8to 8 but do check before going there.

  1. Ride a Yak:

This can be different exp for all of you. Go to Manali wildlife sanctuary and ride a Yak. It’s huge beast but very calm. Just be ready for pungent smell around it. If lucky you can see other animals too in this wildlife sanctuary

  1. Arjun gufa:

Its historic cave where Arjun mediated. It’s a offbeat place to see. But with aura around same you wont be disappointed after going there. Best part is all made naturally .it’s located near river beas close to Prini Village

  1. Vashist Hot Water Springs:

This is one of most mysterious and wonderful experience to have in Manali specially in summers near river Beas. Its all natural and believed to have some medicinal value too. Its also called as kund in Hindi. No one knows clearly how this is done. Now this is well constructed and tourist can be seen sitting and enjoying.

  1. Rohtang Pass:

Rohtang Pass is like passage to mecca for bikers in India. This leads to ultimate destination of Leh Ladakh. Take  a bike on rent from Manali and just take a ride across this pass specially when season starts and you can see snow wall on both the sides. In peak season its full of tourist and know for long jams. What beauty lies ahead is a different story but its worth crossing same.

  1. Beas Kund

Manali has something for everyone .So if you are Trekking enthusiast this is for you. Take your camp and start hiking for a closer look for pir panjal range. Pitch your camp close to beas kund and enjoy there.

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