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Khajjiar is a hill station in the district of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, India, about 24 kilometres from Dalhousie.

Khaijjar is surrounded by woods and forest all around. This is around 2,000 meters (6,500 ft) above sea level in the foothills of the western Himalayan Dhauladhar mountains, and peaks can be seen in the distance. It is part of the Kalatop Khajjiar Shrine.

Khajjiar can be reached by bus in an hour or so from Dalhousie, the nearest major city and hill station. It has a unusual combination of three ecosystems: lake, pasture and forest.This place is also called as mini Switzerland by many…it’s a unique combination of lakes forest and pastures…

  • How to reach:
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Best part of Khaijjar is its very close to Dalhousie and can be easily reached by taxis..its just 24 km from Dalhousie.

Nearest railway station is Pathankot which has a direct train from Delhi which in turn is connected to all parts of India.

Dalhousie to Jahijjar is around 24Km so from mountains perspective its about 1 hour journey

Pathankot to Khajjiar is about 94 km so around 4 hours journey from there.

Now if you have some money there is an options of flight too….yes nearest airport is Dhramsahala which is 120 km or Jammu airport which is boss 114 Km…

So in a nut shell options are all open depends when you wanna go there…

Last but not the least is yes Road ways or road trip

So the distance from Gurgaon is 623 km typically a 15 hour drive from Gurgaon…

Gurgaon-Delhi-Panipat-Karnal-Ludihana-_jalandhar-pathankot-Nurpur -Khajjiar

Best time to visit: Trust me there is no best time for a place like Khajjiar…jab marzi ..just go there

It has all 3 proper season: summer ( Apr-July) and than rains ( July- august) ,winter (Oct to march)

As far as roads are concerned …we will be going all through Punjab..which has good roads all the way…its mountains ..say last 100 km..where you can find some disturbances but over all its all good

  • Distance chart
City KM (to Khajjiar) Time to travel ( as per google)
Delhi  588 KM 11 h 37 min
Chandigarh 324 KM 7 hr 36 min
Mumbai 1954 Km 35 h
Pathankot 95 km 3 hr 20 min
Mandi 238Km 7hr 20 min
  • Where to stay

As far as stay is concerned there are n number of hotels in Khajjiar…room start at around 1500 to 6000 depending upon what your budgets is.

Apart from hotels there are many homestay option also available there

  • What to eat

When it comes to eating in Khajjiar, there are not too many options, and even fewer fine dining options. What you have are some popular street stalls and cafes offering some delectably hot noodles and soups on a cold winter afternoon that can warm the souls up. The hotel’s in-house restaurants deliver multi-cooking cuisine. In Khajjiar some famous restaurants are Prem Restaurant, Alps Restaurant, Royal Treat Restaurant etc.

Since the proximity between Khajjiar and Dakhousie is not much so below are places which are mix of both the places..but food is yummy:

  1. Bon Appetit Bakes Fries Grills Roasts Restaurant
  2. Kwality Restaurant
  3. Friends Sher e Punjab Restaurant
  • What to buy

Move into HP State Center of Handicrafts and you’ll be spoiled for options. You have a wide range to choose from from from handmade carpets and wall hangings to rugs, jewelry, furniture and metal wares. You can also pick up some excellent quality woolens and souvenirs to take home. Tibetan Handicrafts Center is another exquisite place where you can shop to your heart’s content. The center has some exquisite collections of carpets, hangings, shawls and antiques, overflowing with local flavors. Khajjiar shopping can be a truly unforgettable experience.

  • Activities
    • What to see near by places

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary – Former Gaming Reserves Of Chamba Rulers

The kalatop wildlife sanctuary is one of the best places to see around Khajaiar. This place is full of flora and fauna and Ravi river running pararrl to same just adds beauty to this.

Over all it will take around 3 hours to complete this spot.

Timing are normally 8 am to 6 pm

Over all there is a very nominal fees which can be checked once you are there.

Jungle safari is one thing which you should not miss here….

In case you want to visit this place and see animals do plan your trip around rainy season or start of winters..

  • Khajjiar Lake – Mini Switzerland Of India

Khajjiar Lake is a very beautiful lake. The lake is surrounded by cedar trees, at an elevation of 1950 metres. The Himalayan small waters streams serve as a major source for the Khajjiar lake. One can also visit the temple of Khajinag, which has   fine wood carvings and a gold dome.

This lake is a very popular tourist spot.Here you can do many kind of recreational activities or just chill and lie down and enjoy the nature…At times its important to just sit in silence for some time…we as an tourist are mostly from big towns of north India and where all we hear is just city ka shor sharaba….here its all shanti….On clear day if god permits you can clearly see mount kailsh form this place..

Also apart from all this there is also a floating land in this lake which is basically all grass and weeds and corals…

  • Kailash Villages – Home To Quaint And Scenic Villages

So in case you want to see Mount kailash and enjoy the view there are many villages around khajiiar specially Ladi and rota….you can find affordable home stay and enjoy authentic himachali food .

These villages offer you 2 things…magnificent view of mount kailsah and secondly thet also have beautiful vineyards for apple aorchards.

  • I would personally suggest you to go and stary in tese vollages for a day or 2 and enjot the slow life of mountains.Nothing like that….when you start yor day with tea nd mountains view
  • Khajji Nag Temple – Most Vintage Temple Of Himachal Pradesh
  • Tibetan Handicrafts Center – For Authentic Souvenirs
  • Nine Hole Golf Course – For That Aristrocratic Touch
  • HP State Handicrafts Center – For Shopping
  • Dhauladar Range – For Mesmerising Views
  • Dainkund Peak – The Highest Snow-Capped Peak
  • Panchpula, Chatryara – Blankets The Marvels Of Mother Nature
  • Subhash Baoli, Dalhousie – Land Of Scenic Views
  • Dal Lake, Dharamshala – Breathtakingly Beautiful
  • Church Of Scotland, Chamba – To Add A Touch Of History
  • Ganji Pahadi, Bakrota – Take A Trek

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