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Ride to Lucknow

After so much of hustle and bustle, we finally decided to do our Lucknow trip. What we decided was for 13th Nov as  D-day.

It started with 4 members but Uttam had to drop out so it was just 3 of us.


Randeep Puneet and me.

Since Randeep sir came to Gurgaon only 1 day before so it was well sorted. We started from Gurgaon around 5 AM and what a start it was. We were cruising at the normal speed of 80-90. We had some problems with traffic till Tappal or the place where we join Agra Expressway. From Gurgaon, it was around 90 km.

After that, it was easy for us. Just control our breaks and time and we were in control.


We reached Lucknow at around 2 pm. What my intention was that I should reach by 1 Pm but never the less it was OK.


Straight away we headed to Tulsi for Dasatarkhwan. By the time we reached there, we had already called Sukarn( one of our very good friends who lives in Gurgaon). After settling down we ordered

1 Biryani 1 galawat kabab and Tawa chicken and few Ulte tawa ka paratha.


I can still remember that taste. After eating I even got it packed from home as I had taken a small icebox with me so that I could bring it home.


After eating and enjoying in Lucknow we had to say bye to Sukarn and we started back from there around 4 PM.


We thought we would be back in Gurgaon around 11-12. Since we were in a  hurry and so our speed got increased and frequency of break got decreased. We were Near Agra around 7:30 and we thought by 11 we would be home.



But this was not what God had chosen for us. Around 50 km from Agra Randeep sir bike started giving trouble and he could feel a wobble in his back tire.



By the time we realized it was already late. We tried whatever we could do but soon we realized that we have to take a break At Agra anyhow as the bike was not in a condition to any further.


We reached Agra around 9 and since it was already late and we were exhausted we managed to take a normal hotel just to spend the night and get this bike repaired in the morning.


We were so tired that everyone slept the moment they got a bed. The next day RE service center was nearby and after leaving the hotel we headed straight to that place. It took them around 2 hours to get that sorted.


Thankfully it was not a major issue and being RE it was easily managed by them. We started from there around 2 I guess and were in Gurgaon by 5 Pm.


But yes this trip was a memorable trip as it pushed us to our limit and I realized 1500 km is manageable ..just mind game nothing else….


Thankfully Biryani and other stuff which I got survived 1 full day and my family could actually relish the same.


Thanks, brothers for all the help and this memorable trip…..I will always remember this..



This is how it feels after Riding for 1000km
Happy faces after eating and reaching Lucknow

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