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Sterling Sariska

It was around 16th Sep my craving for travel started coming back. I knew I could not go for long trip so thought of going nearby Delhi only. It was just a coincidence that this trip idea was started by me alone but ended in 4 families going together after a long break.


It was a simple question that I popped up to my friends that “Weekend par kahi chal sakta hai kya”.

Manik said yes and then Vikas and then Nipun and before I could react my all plans were changed.


For us it was just a 1 night stay so couldn’t go much far.


After initial search we finalized Sterling Sarika which was round 160 km from Gurgaon and was perfect for us since we were travelling with kids too.


  • Location:

This place is situated around 162 km from Gurgaon and drive time was around 4 hours so it was suitable for all of us. Its lies in hills of Aravalli which had great views.

This is the address: Tiger heaven village Amra ka baas, Thanagazi, Rajasthan 301001.

Drive was good. It had everything in bits and pieces. Good road bad road, pot holes, and off roading too

For Location I will give it a 8/10

This property has   around 16 rooms and 17 cottages


  • Price:

I was looking for options and got this deal directly from Hotel only. We paid 7200 per room for a double occupancy including 2 meals. For a 3 star it was a decent deal

For Price I will give 9/10.

  • Food:

Now come the food part which is very important factor when you stay any place

I was extremely sad with food here.

We ordered chicken sandwich and chicken was rotten . We ordered French fires and it was not good in taste

There was no non veg as it got over and was never refilled. Pakoda was very average

Quantity was less and preparation was just average

For food we will give them 5/10.

  • Room Comfort:

We stayed in their best room that was Premiere room

It was 150 sq feet room

When you are travelling with kids you need asking size room and what we were offered was rooms with singles beds. Proactiveness was 0 in staff

Its 20-year-old property and they have not spent much on maintenance

I would give 6/10 for comfort in room

Decent size washroom which was clean.

Only good part was ac was great

Furniture’s are old. Door as also very old. Cabinets and fridge are dirty. You would not like to use that even once.

  • Staff behaviour

Over all staff was ok.

Only problem when you spend so much you expect more. Had they been charging us 3000 it was all ok..

For staff behaviors it has to be 7/10.


  • Overall management approach:

Over all management approach is very poor.

Its like they have this property and its running on auto mode so not much attention has been given to this property

I will give him 7/10 for hospitality


  • In-house activities

They had many in house activities but except swimming pool nothing else was working and it was the only saviours for us

TT table condition was pathetic

We were playing badminton in volley ball court

Kids toys were all broken and useless

Not even single place they had kept sanitizer (except for Reception and Restaurant)

Dogs were roaming just like that in property.

For In house activities, we would just give them 5/10

  • Breakfast:

Breakfast was ok but not much attention was given to maintain hygiene

Things were lying just like that in Restaurant

Food was ok taste wise but they could have made it much better

For Breakfast I would just give 7/10.

It was a normal breakfast and nothing great about that

  • Spa:

If this was there it would have been a like cherry on top. But Spa was not available there

  • Architecture

Over all there were 2 types of accommodation. Cottages and rooms with pool facing view.

It was a big property with ok type efforts being done on maintenance. Reception was just normal like Oyo rooms and Restaurant was also not great in looks.

For this I will give them 8/10.

  • Housekeeping:

With almost all rooms sold out we expected better room service.

Landlines were not working most of the times. Out of 4 rooms only 2 had phones that were Working.

Every time you had call them as service was super slow.

Even for small things like towel you had to wait for long

For house keeping we would give them 6/10

  • Nearby places:

This was the only good thing

Sariska reserve was less than 2 km from this place

Bhangarh is also very close from this place around 45km.

For this I will give 10/10



  • Location: 8/10
  • Design: 8/10
  • Pool: 9/10
  • Rooms: 6/10
  • Food: 5/10
  • Breakfast: 7/10
  • Spa: /10( could not try as was non-operational due to COVID-19)
  • Service: 6/10
  • Value for money: 6/10
  • Overall experience: ok 6/10
  • For family outing: 7/10
  • Best season to visit: Winter



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