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Binsar Eco camp-Our Review


AddressJageshwar Rd, Om-Nagar, Dhaulchhina, Uttarakhand 263624


Number: 9675544799

After all these times finally we made a decision to go on a road trip in August 2021.It was after a long gap.We were 6  people.What we thought of goimng on 4 bikes and 1 car but due to some last moment technical error on bikes we had 3 bikes and 1 car.

So I was looking for a property which is safe and has comfortable stay as I was travelling with some people whom I was meeting for first time. Since Binsar was the place we had chosen so the property which I finalized  was BINSAR ECO  CAMP.


I was looking for a property which is near by ,safe and not much expensive. I got to know about this from a friend who stayed here sometime back..


  • Location:

This place is situated around 30 km from Binsar. What our first experience was its too far but later we realized it was perfect.
Placed at Dhaulchina on Jageshwar Road..its very peaceful and full of serenity. This property has  has around 35 rooms.

For Location I will give it a 8/10


  • Price:

Over all I found it quite reasonable as compared to quality of service. For a double occupancy what I was charged was less than INR3500 with breakfast and dinner. Before finalizing this I was in touch with many hotels at Binsar and found this very economical.

For Price I will give 9/10.

  • Near by places:

Since it is located at Jageshwar road which makes it location ideally suitable for lots of places which are near by.


Although there are some drawbacks as Zero point is almost 30 km far. Binsar wildlife is also 30 km

Still for location I will give 7/10.

  • Food:

Now come the food part which is very important factor when you stay any place.
Try anything from Menu. It is actually very good.
We were basically all non veg people so yes that’s a super Yes from our side. We also tried the local thali which was on request and it was mouth watering

For food we will give them 10/10.

  • Room Comfort:

We stayed in their best room that was Ecological room.
It was 150 sq feet room with king size bed. It has a valley view Balcony.
It had a perfect view.
Decent size washroom which was clean.

I would give 9/10 for comfort in room

  • Staff behavior

Its true when we say staff is just like the management.
As Ravi as is his staff of this property is very polite and always willing to help in night or day.
When we were there it was raining heavily and Staff was so polite that they even gave their umbrella without even thinking.
For staff behavior it has to be 10/10.

  • Overall management approach:

Their USP is Ravi (Owner of this property).
You ask him anything and he will go out of way to help you.

I will give him 10/10 for hospitality

  • Co operative

As far as over all team was concerned it was full cooperative.
From main road its about 500 mtr and road is steep and bit slippery in rainy season.
Whether it is 5 am in morning or 12 pm in night team was always ready to help.

I would give them 10/10 for cooperativeness for team.

  • In-house activities

They have a decent in house gym and a pool table.
A great place to sit and enjoy weather
A Swing in place.
A small library at reception from where you can lend books
They have an option of arranging river side lunch, bonfire and guided trekking options also available.
Over all a decent effort to keep clients engaged and make their stay very comfortable.

I would give them 8/10.

  • Room and pool

They had 2 rooms options. Both were equally good and comfortable.
There was very low Wi-Fi connectivity on rooms.
As such being on such a height there was no pool there.

Over all I would give them 8/10.

  • Breakfast:

This was one of their main forte I would say. It was not there would be a buffet breakfast but yes they will tell you in advance as what they planned to make next day. Eggs, juices ,bread, jams…they have everything

For breakfast and the commitment it will be 10/10

  • Spa:

If this was there it would have been a like cherry on top. But Spa was not available there

  • Architecture

Over all campus was divided in 2 part. Old campus and New campus. Both were equally good. It was set up on ground floor + 1 concept also that everyone has their share of view. There was a valley view for everyone. From the main road its almost 500 mtr which is steep but when you reach there you realize why is that 500 mtr from main road. Overall building is quite modern in approach with decent size balcony.

For this I will give them 8/10.

  • House keeping:

Since it was kind of low season for them. We were only 6 people in resort and for us it was like a blessing. We were roaming freely from one place to other. There was less staff. But for us it was quite sufficient. Three was no landline in room and they had shared numbers with us .So for everything you can just call them and it would be done. There was less staff but dedication toward the job was much more than that .

So I will keep them 9/10 for house keeping


Location: 8/10
Design: 10/10
Pool: 0/10
Rooms: 8/10
Food: 10/10
Breakfast: 10/10
Spa: 0
Service: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10
Overall experience: very good 9/10
For family outing: 10/10

Best season to visit: Round the year


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