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Gartang Gali

 Gartang Gali


Uttarkashi is 90 kilometres away, and Gartang Gali is located there. Built 150 years ago, the Gartang Gali bridge has been closed since 1962.

After the Indo-China war, this wooden step bridge path known as Gartang Gali was blocked due to its poor condition, but it is now open to travellers. Pathans from Peshawar made this bridge, which stands at a height of 11000 feet, 150 years ago. The commerce route between India and Tibet used to pass across this wooden bridge. The nomads (Bhotiya tribe) used yaks to transport their commodities from this bridge to their other country parts for trading.


The 136-meter-long Gartang Gali bridge has been repaired at a cost of 64 lakh rupees. For trade with Tibet, the Tibet track was created through Uttarkashi via the Nelanh Valley before independence. In the steep cliff area near Bhairav ghati, the track was built by burying an iron road and spreading wood over it.

The Neoloang valley can be seen from the Gartang Gali bride. Initially, this bridge served as a channel for trade between India and Tibet. The area is abundant in vegetation, fauna, and wildlife, including rare creatures like the snow leopard and Himalayan blue sheep.

Travel Guidelines:                                                              

Tourist must register themselves at the check post of Bhairav ghati.

Covid guidelines must be followed

Only 10 people will be allowed to walk on this at one time

Jumping and dancing on track is banned

You are not allowed to sit and flock in the track

It is banned to peep down from the railing of the track for safety purpose

Smoking and carrying nay flammable items ion the track is banned

How to Reach:


By Air:

The nearest airport is Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport, which is roughly 200 kilometres from Uttarkashi’s headquarters. From Dehradun airport to Uttarkashi HQ, taxi and bus services are available. Once you reach  Uttarkashi Gartang Gali is roughly around 100 km from there.


By Train:

Railway stations can be found in Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Dehradun. Rishikesh and Dehradun are the closest train stations to Uttarkashi (200 km approx). To get to Uttarkashi, take a bus or taxi from Rishikesh/Dehradun.


By Road:

State-run buses run between Uttarkashi and Rishikesh/Dehradun on a regular basis. Between Uttarkashi and Dehradun (200 km), and Haridwar, Local Transport Union buses and State Transport buses operate (250 km). Uttarkashi’s headquarters are 100 kilometers away from Gangotri. Uttarkashi is 110 kilometers away from Gartang Gali.


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