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Upcoming Trip to Dharamkot April



So finally first trip on bike after a gap of 18 months almost.. I am super excited…


So Dharamkot was our trip which we decided to last in 2020 April but than Covid came and all was cancelled.

Initially me an Randeep Sir were deciding to when to start and where to go .We had Puneet sir also included in this as he has been with us from start. He has supported us whenever required.


Since it was planned for 3 days small trip so ideally we wanted a near by place in Uttarakhand only.


I was looking for place and we zeroed down Khrisu as 1 location. We had almost finalized it but than Puneet sir recommend lets find some other place Khumb is also going on Corona is still not over. He even suggested 2 places like Naldhaera and Fagu.

After reaching both the locations they were riled out as Randeep sir has recentely visited both the places. And than UK government also announced a Covid test as mandatory .Also the news which was confirmed that in Riskesh cases have gone up like anything…even we were bit apprehensive…


So finally hunt for a new places started. This was there in back of my mind so I suggested lets start where we ended last time and everyone accepted so that’s how Dharamokot started and we will go there on Apr 16-18.


Our bad luck that Puneet sir wont be able to join on this trip as father had a recent heart attack….So it me ,Randeep and Rajeev on this trip…


When we actually plan to do this something happens: Now there is night curfew announced today in Delhi from 10 Pm to 5Pm..again we have work on way around: lets see…its going to be a hell of a ride….I am getting this idea…


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